Visconti Rembrandt White Fountain Pen

Visconti Rembrandt White Fountain Pen


The Visconti Rembrandt ballpoint pen is a wonderful tribute to this Old Dutch Master. His painting technique, the chiaroscuro, is now re-proposed by Visconti in this collection – classical and dramatic like only masterpieces are. The pens range in different colours - apparently plain that reveal at a closer look chiaroscuro nuances which render unique every single pen.

The clip presents a new mechanism, completely restyled and indestructible, made of two parts only beside the spring. The metal ring has been finely engraved in the best Visconti tradition with ornamental motifs used by the artist.

Nib: Steel

Filling system: Cartridge/Converter

Closing System: Magnetic

Material: Acrylic

Colour: White

Trim colour: Steel

Weight: 32 grams

Length closed: 140mm

Length barrel: 125mm

Length with cap posted: 161mm

Diameter: 13mm

Nib Size:
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