"The Chapel" Ballpoint and Pencil Set - Limited to 100 pieces

"The Chapel" Ballpoint and Pencil Set - Limited to 100 pieces


In commemoration of the marriage of Prince Harry of England to Miss Meghan Markle, Yard-O-Led has created an exclusive set of hand-crafted writing instruments entitled The Chapel. This limited-edition tribute is named after the royal family’s private chapel, St George’s in Windsor Castle, in which the wedding is to take place on 19th May, and it memorably reflects the circumstances of this twenty-first century romance.

To mark this historic occasion Yard-O-Led has released a matched pair of sterling silver ballpoint pen and pencil in a series of 100 individually numbered presentation cases. Each English Oak case has, like the writing instruments themselves, been hand crafted in England.

The sterling silver pencil is hand-chased with flowers and leaves native to California and Britain. The Royal Oak leaves, which nod to Great Britain and the Windsor crest, curl around the Californian Golden Poppy; both are entwined with the Bird of Paradise flower which grows wild both in Meghan’s Canadian place of birth and in Botswana where the couple took their first holiday together and slept under the African stars.

The sterling silver ball-pen has been decorated on the original Yard-O-Led Victorian engine-turning machine in a contemporary interpretation of the nineteenth century patterning that is so important a part of the heritage of the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, and of Yard-O-Led itself.

Both the pen and pencil are hallmarked in accordance with English legislation. Traditionally a complete hallmark shows the date of manufacture, according to the year in the reign of each monarch, as dates were legally recorded in England until the twentieth century; the assay city, in Yard-O-Led’s case, Birmingham which is signified by an anchor lying on its side, the maker’s own mark, YOL, and the lion passant that guarantees sterling silver.

This special edition is limited to one hundred pairs, each with serial numbers from 1 to 100 on the silver clips and presented in individually numbered boxes handmade from English Oak.
The first set – 001/100 – has been reserved for the couple themselves and gifted to the bride and groom with the top of the fluted finial engraved with an ‘H’ on the ballpoint and an ‘M’ on the pencil.

Penfriend has two sets available: Number 21 and Number 100.

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