Visconti Van Gogh Pair of Shoes Rollerball

Visconti Van Gogh Pair of Shoes Rollerball


Part of the Impressionist collection

The Visconti Van Gogh ''Pair of Shoes'' is made of natural vegetal resin with light and dark brown variations. It was inspired on Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, "Pair of Shoes", 1886, oil on canvas. Van Gogh made Pair of Shoes from a pair of boots he purchased at a flea market. He wore the boots on an extended rainy walk to create the effect he wished for this painting, which may have been a tribute to the working man.

The name of the painting and artist are delicately engraved around the pen's ring, and each pen is packed into a unique gift box that is complemented with a faithfully reproduced canvas of the painting. The pen itself utilises Visconti's eighteen-faceted design, the many edges enhancing the vivid colours of the pen.

Filling system: Standard Rollerball Refill

Closing System: Magnetic

Material: Vegetal Resin

Colour: White/Grey/Brown

Trim colour: Steel

Weight: 35 grams

Length closed: 140mm

Length barrel: 125mm

Length with cap posted: 157mm

Diameter: 12mm

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