Onoto Horatio Nelson Sterling Silver Pen

Onoto Horatio Nelson Sterling Silver Pen

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The barrel of the pen has been crafted in the style of Nelson’s Column, while the cap is intricately enamelled in rich cobalt blue over an engine-turned wave pattern.

The end of the cap bears a gilded silver button based on the fouled anchor buttons found on Nelson’s uniform.

The 3 gilded silver bands around the bottom of the cap have been designed to resemble the braid around the cuff of Nelson’s sleeve. A silver cartouche with a rope border bears a facsimile of Nelson’s signature and his dates.

During any silver refining process, a small percentage of copper is always included to improve the malleability of the finished material. By using copper retrieved from HMS ‘Victory’, during refitting, in the production of these pieces we have established a unique link with history.

Victory Silver® is the registered trademark of Remember Nelson Ltd.

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